The Brown family is dealing with plenty of drama on the new season of “Sister Wives,” especially as plans stalled on their future in Flagstaff when their homes in Las Vegas weren’t selling, Now, following the heated confrontations during the episode and some other comments, Robyn Brown’s happiness in the family is being questioned.

As Janelle informed her sister wives and Kody that they needed to drop the price on some of their homes in Las Vegas, Kody insisting that they “cut their losses” led to some drama with his only legal wife, Robyn, who felt he was changing his tune from their previous discussions too quickly.

However, their argument and Kody’s later admission to Meri that he felt he and Robyn would not agree when it came to listing her former home was made more poignant by the brief glimpse at the next episode that would be airing of the TLC show. In that episode, as the wives all discuss Kody’s idea for one house with him, Robyn appears to comment to producers during a one-on-one interview that anyone who wants to leave their family has the right to do so.

“I know what it is to be in a marriage and to not want to be in that marriage anymore, but I think that we should all have the right and freedom to leave,” she says in the sneak peek. “Even Kody.”

Naturally, fans who saw the preview wondered what the comment meant, considering the battles she and Kody seem to have throughout the season. However, one fan also wondered if the comment was pointed towards Meri, who fans have believed has basically had a foot outside the door for years.



This is not the only tension this season between Kody and Robyn as well as Meri, which could suggest that whatever issue forces the comment Robyn made is one that happens between the three. In the trailer for the season, fans saw as Kody and Meri continued to have their struggles following her Catfishing scandal, while Robyn and Kody also had a fight about Meri as well.

However, while there may have been some tension as the season was filmed, it appears there aren’t any hard feelings today—and if anyone was even considering the idea of leaving, it has since been forgotten. While live-tweeting the episode, Robyn discussed how she felt as she met the family when she was being courted and revealed that she had fallen in love with the family and the way they operated before she even fell for Kody himself.

Meri then joined in on the fun, teasing her fellow sister wife that she was the one she really fell in love with first.



“Sister Wives” returns with a brand-new episode on Sunday, Feb. 9 on TLC.