President Donald Trump answers a reporter's question as he arrives to meet with congressional Republicans at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., March 21, 2017. Jeffrey Lord said Trump had spoken 'Americanese' when asked if the president lies to America. The comment would soon go viral. Reuters

Just one of the eight people on CNN's “Anderson Cooper 360” show did not agree that President Donald Trump has a history of lying to the public when asked on Monday. Political pundit Jeffery Lord was the lone exception when discussing Russia’s role in last year’s election as well as Trump’s accusation that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign.

Lord, a diehard Trump supporter, said the president was speaking “Americanese” when he tweeted this month that Obama had organized a “Nixon/Watergate” conspiracy plot against him. Trump's supporters knew what he meant, but since Washington insiders didn’t know the language, they'd blew it out of proportion, Lord insisted. The term “Americanese” would consequently go viral on social media.

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The discussion came after FBI Director James B. Comey testified under oath earlier in the day that there was “no information” that led him to believe Obama had wiretapped Trump.

"What you’re arguing then is the FBI and the Justice Department are mistaken for taking the president literally because they don’t speak ... " Cooper trailed off. "Americanese," Lord added.

Former White House aide David Gergen chimed in and said, “The whole world had a chance to watch this unfold, and it was a direct test of his credibility. And the whole world now knows he lied about it.”

Gergen also said America have "seen it again and again" how much Trump constantly lies to the public, even if they're just small white lies.

"When we have a president who is a congenital liar, it really matters,” Gergen added.

"Do you believe this president of the United States is a congenital liar," Cooper asked Lord.

"No," replied Lord, who said Obama was the real liar, not Trump.

The other seven panelists appeared to be in utter shock, especially the host.

"You’re smarter than that," said Cooper. "Come on, Jeffrey."

"All of us except for Jeffrey would agree he is a liar," said Daily Beast contributor Matt Lewis.

Watch a video of the discussion below.