A girl was injured and her pet dog died after being attacked by another canine during a walk. The incident took place in Ocean Reef, Australia, on Saturday (May 2).

A 12-year-old girl, Identified as Laura, was walking her pet dog, Indy, when they were viciously mauled by another dog on Saturday morning.

The canine had grabbed Indy from behind and dragged it away before mauling it to death. The girl’s mother was with them when the incident unfolded.

“I let go of him and the dog grabbed him and dragged him away from me,” said Laura.

Laura said she desperately tried to hold onto Indy’s leash as the other dog attacked her and started biting her hands. However, the rope burn hurt too much and she eventually had no choice but to let go of the leash.

“There was nothing I could do, my hands were hurting,” she said. “If the dog had bit me again it would have been worse but if it had saved Indy, it would have been worth it.”

The girl’s mother, identified as Lawrence Miles, said she tried to pull Indy away from the other dog’s mouth but she was unable to save the canine.

“He just looked at me for me to help him,” she said. “He just went limp and that's when the dog let go.”

Officials were unable to identify the owner of the canine that attacked the family as the person had provided false details to the victim and disappeared from the scene with his dog, which made it difficult for investigators to track him down. They urged anyone who witnessed the scene to come forward.

According to the family, the canine that attacked them was believed to be a cross-breed, weighing about 70 to 80 kilograms (154 to 176 pounds). The owner of the dog was described to be in his 60’s. He was seen wearing long shorts and a polo shirt, and was driving a small white sedan.

Following the incident, the family expressed that they did not want the other dog to be put down. Instead, they wanted the owner to take responsibility for the incident and muzzle the dog.

The case was still under investigation.

Pet Dog
Representative image of a pet dog. Pixabay