Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth Chapman
Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth Chapman are leaving the bounty hunting business. Pictured: Dog and Beth attend the 2013 CMT Music awards at the Bridgestone Arena on June 5, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. Getty Images/Rick Diamond

"Dog the Bounty Hunter" stars Duane "Dog" Chapman and his wife, Beth Chapman, are stepping away from bounty hunting.

In September, Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer. Shortly after, the reality star underwent surgery to have the tumor removed, and Dog's wife is currently recovering from the operation.

Beth's battle with cancer will be documented in A&E's "Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives." The show, which will be a two-hour special, premieres on Nov. 27 and features Beth's journey from "diagnosis through surgery and her journey to recovery," TooFab reported.

While Beth is recovering, the couple has decided to cut the negativity and stress in their lives, so the two decided to give up their bounty hunting business.

"Times have changed. We live in a different world. People have a different respect for law enforcement, which is quite saddening," Beth told the publication. "A lot of people do not have a respect for the judicial system and it is causing a slight collapse of our society. I feel like, even though I had a 50/50 chance with this surgery, Duane has a 50/50 chance every time he leaves the house and that contributes to my stress."

Beth added that whenever Dog leaves their home for business, she fears for his life. She said she can't help but worry, which is not healthy for her so they need a lifestyle change.

"Will he come home alive every day that he leaves?" Beth said. "People are not in jail because they're poor, brother, they're in jail because they broke the law. That way of thinking could get law enforcement killed, it could get my husband killed. In going through something as traumatic as what we just went through, for me a lifestyle change is in order."

According to Beth, they have small children and many are counting on them. Although they will not be bounty hunting anymore, their stand for the criminal justice remains the same. Dog also wants to continue working in law enforcement in some way.

In related news, Dog and Beth were spotted in Los Angeles enjoying a dinner date after her operation. Beth's surgery was done at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where doctors removed a "plum-sized tumor" from her throat.

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