In a case of animal cruelty, a dog died after it was forcefully yanked through its kennel fence. The disturbing incident took place in Sentul, Indonesia, on Saturday.

In a Facebook post, the canine’s owner, identified as NG, said she rushed outside her home to check on her dog’s body after she was notified about its death by a neighbor. She was shocked to see the canine stuck hanging between the grills of its kennel. The owner said the dog died of choking after someone yanked it forcefully by its collar from outside the kennel.

The perpetrator yanked it with so much force that the collar snapped off. The collar was seen tossed into the kennel after that. The dog, which was tortured to death, had also excreted bloody feces before it died.

The owner said she did not hear her dog barking or yelping in pain when the incident took place. She added that it would be difficult to find the culprit as the CCTV camera in her apartment complex does not capture the area when the kennel was placed. She, however, believed that one of the residents in the apartment complex could be the culprit as no outsiders could access the kennel and the dog would have barked had it been a stranger.

A police case was registered, however, officials said the crime scene was tampered with, which has resulted in the possible destruction of evidence. Further investigation could take place only after lab tests were carried out of the snapped dog collar found inside the kennel.

The incident comes less than a month after a man beat two puppies to death in Gombak Utara, Malaysia. The video of the incident showed the man beating the mother dog and her four puppies. He then picks up two of the puppies and puts them in a plastic bag before beating them up using a stick till they die. A police case was filed. Some local residents were looking after the surviving puppies and the mother dog.

In this image, a dog's paw reaches through the kennel fence at the Queen Anne's County Department of Animal Service in Queenstown, Maryland, Jan. 24, 2008. Getty Images/Jim Watson