The Lifetime Christmas Movies continue with the premiere of "The Dog Days of Christmas," starring Georgia Flood and Ezekiel Simat, on Friday night.

The film will be a fun one for Lifetime fans, as it will reacquaint them with the former star of one of the network's shows, while also introducing them to a new face who has yet to appear on the network. Some fans may recognize flood from her starring turn as Amanda Klein on Lifetime's 2019 series "American Princess," which ran for 10 episodes. For those who recognize her from elsewhere, she is also well-known for her role as Debbie Smith on the Australian series "Wentworth."

As for Simat, his best-known roles have been as Justin Gavin on the Amazon Prime Video series "Back to the Rafters" and Jeremiah on the Australian miniseries "Lambs of God."

So what can fans expect when these two Australian stars team up for their first Lifetime project together? According to a synopsis, a healthy dash of Christmas romance mixed with some very cute furry friends.

"While visiting her family during Christmastime, Annie Blake (Flood) decides to help three stray dogs get adopted before heading back into her career working for a global nonprofit," the synopsis reads. "But when she runs into local veterinarian, Dylan Hawkes (Simat), her old high school debate partner, they team up to save an animal rescue. Ultimately, Annie discovers that finding love, and making a difference in the world, can happen right at home."

Will Annie reach her goals this Christmas?

"The Dog Days of Christmas" airs on Lifetime Friday at 8 p.m. EST.

The Dog Days of Christmas
Georgia Flood and Ezekiel Simat star in "The Dog Days of Christmas." Courtesy of Lifetime