An 11-year-old boy saved his 10-year-old sister from a vicious dog attack in Lacombe, Canada. According to local reports, two dogs attacked the children when they stepped out of their home.

Lucia Johnson and her brother Broc went out to try her new rollerblades at a park. While on their way, two dogs jumped a fence near the path entering Terrace Ridge School and ran after the kids. One of the dogs turned aggressive and attacked Lucia. 

“The dog was latching on to her elbow and shoulder. It bit her quite good on the shoulder with deep puncture wounds,” the children's father, Jay, said.

The dog began aggressively biting Lucia while she attempted to protect her face and neck. Broc told his sister to be as quiet as she can and stay still. When the dogs began to lay off a bit, Broc made a break for home to lure the dogs away from his sister. He then reached home and alerted his father about the incident.

“When I was running, I didn’t know what I was going to find. I am glad it was as minimal as it was because a dog can kill someone,” Jay said. “I wasn’t able to find the dogs— I assume the owner got them back home. We didn’t figure out the dog situation until the next day.”

Jay said his daughter, who is an animal lover, might be affected by the incident. 

“I know the nightmares are coming and she hasn’t been able to sleep alone yet. She likes to have someone near her. I know we will have a hard time getting her to walk somewhere on her own again,” he said. “She was crying saying he saved her life by giving her quick advice and getting the dogs to go the other way. The time she was down there was seconds but it probably felt like an eternity,” Jay said.

The family went out into the community to identify the dogs involved in the incident and they expect the canines were put down. 

“I don’t want that dog to get someones else’s kid. That is a terrifying thought for me,” he said. “The ultimate solution is not one I particularly like, but I feel like the dog should be destroyed. Whatever the risk of that dog doing something like that again is just not worth it."