Detroit police fatally shot a dog for aggressively barking at them after its owner let go of its leash.

The officers responded to a burglary call Tuesday and learned the suspect had active warrants against him. The officers then tasered the unidentified suspect, however, it didn't have much effect on him and he walked away.

"The officers, when they got on scene, they informed him that he was going to be placed in custody for his two felony warrants. He proceeded to walk away from officers. The officers did attempt to deploy Tasers twice and it appears one may have taken effect,” said Cmdr. Arnold Williams.

Suddenly, the suspect let go of the leash of the pit bull he was walking.

"From the officer's body-worn camera it shows the dog barking at the officer, presenting aggressively, coming towards the officer and the officer firing shots at the dog as it's coming towards him," Williams said, adding that officers spent several minutes asking the man to hold the dog before shooting the canine.

"They're literally asking him to tie the dog to trees, to put the dog - I think the term they used was off - put the dog off. The officers did not want to do anything with the dog. They did not want to harm that dog, but it was not until the dog presented aggressively that they had to take action,” he said.

Though the police said they shot the dog out of fear as it got aggressive, witnesses said it was unnecessary and that it could have put people’s lives under risk.

"That could ricochet off the ground and hit a kid. There are so many kids around here. That's what I was worried about, the kids,” a witness said.

Meanwhile, following the dog’s death, the suspect was arrested for two felony warrants, aggravated assault and domestic violence. Police were investigating the case.

pit bull
A pit bull in the menacing dogs area of the Henderson Animal Shelter in Auckland, New Zealand, July 27, 2016. Fiona Goodall/Getty Images