A dog was abandoned by its owner for having an “illicit relationship” with the neighbor’s pet.

The incident came to light after a passerby saw the dog, a three-year-old Pomeranian, abandoned in a market in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of the southern Indian state of Kerala. The man then contacted People for Animals (PFA), an animal welfare organization. The volunteers reached the market and put the dog in a kennel. However, what shocked the volunteers was the note that was tied to the canine which stated the reason for abandoning it.

“It is a nice breed. Well-behaved... she has many good qualities and takes minimum food only. She is healthy and free from all diseases. It only barks and in three years it did not bite anyone. Main food is milk, raw eggs and biscuits. Recently, it developed an illicit relation with a dog next door so I am abandoning it," the note stated.

Shameem, a PFA volunteer, said, “I took her home and put her in my kennel. She is really nice, someone would adopt her soon. But there is a really hopeful look on her face, expecting that her owner would come to pick her up."

“I have rescued many animals. But this is the first of its sort. The dog is in heat. If the arrogant owner did not want it to breed, there is sterilization. It is free in many vet hospitals in Kerala. But this is a ridiculous reason to abandon such a cute animal,” Shameem added.

Speaking to local daily Deccan Herald, social activist Sreedevi Kartha, who had posted the photo of the dog on social media in order to get more information about the owner, said several people saw the post and wanted to adopt the canine. However, since dogs can also be misused for commercial motives, the canine will be sterilized before it is given to anyone.

Pomeranian dog
Representational image OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images