The panel on CNN, which was hosted by Don Lemon on Thursday, saw Republican political strategist Rick Wilson and  conservative talk show host John Fredericks enter into a heated discussion over President Donald Trump's “shithole countries” comment that targeted nations like Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Wilson was appalled at the way Fredericks chose to defend Trump’s words, despite knowing that the POTUS had faced a backlash from many members of his own party for his comment.

“You know, hearing John’s defense of Trump and of this overtly racist aspect of it, it shocks me that we still have people in this country — you know, don’t bother calling yourself a conservative if you don’t believe there’s a way where people who come and embrace the proposition of this country can become Americans. Because we’ve worked very hard in this country to accept people from around the world and of varying backgrounds,” Wilson told Fredericks.

“You know what, John? I’m sure your ancestors here weren’t descended from the Mayflower in some cloud of heavenly light. I’m sure they came here from Ireland, Germany, Italy or somewhere else. You know what? Back then, they were the s------- people. Back then, they were the people who were looked down upon,” he further added.

When Fredericks was given a chance to respond, he came back with: “Well, it’s about economics, Rick. You can throw all the insults you want, and I appreciate it, but look, at the end of the day –”

He was cut short by Wilson who said he highly doubted whether Fredericks really appreciated it as he claimed. “You’re a weak, impotent person who can’t handle the fact that there are people who don’t look like you, who want to come to this country because our system is awesome,” Wilson fumed. “You hate that, you hate it so much because you’re so weak inside.”

However, it was only when Fredericks had hit Wilson’s soft spot telling him that he always supported losing candidates in the past that the anti-Trump political strategist lost his cool.

“John, I will gut you like a fish on this show if you want to keep this up,” Wilson warned. Before the debate, which had already taken an ugly turn, could escalate any further, Lemon intervened and tried to calm the situation down.

However, things got heated up again when Lemon showed a video of Trump, directing his question of how the president is "racist" and "xenophobic," to Fredericks. 

“Don, it’s not about race, as you like to make it because that’s easy and lazy, it’s about economics,” Fredericks replied. 

After getting insulted by Fredericks, even Lemon could not hold it together any longer. “You know what, John Fredericks? You know what, John, until that last comment — yeah, I’m going to cut you off,” Lemon said. “Can we please cut him off? Can we get rid of John Fredericks? First of all, I was going to let him speak until you doubly insulted me. We can have this conversation, and we don’t need to have someone who is going to make excuses for racism.”

However, later in the show, Fredericks was allowed to reappear on the condition that he apologizes to Lemon for calling him “lazy.”

On Sunday, senior advisor to President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, had to be allegedly escorted out of  CNN's set after the latter refused to leave, following a contentious discussion with host Jake Tapper.