A contentious interview between Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump, and CNN host Jake Tapper on Sunday ended in the former being escorted out of the set by security guards.

While the interview started off in a balanced manner, it went off the rails when Tapper brought up the topic of Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” which has caused quite a bit of controversy in the recent days.

Calling the book “a work of very poorly-written fiction” and Wolff a “a garbage author of a garbage book,” Miller told Tapper: “It’s tragic and unfortunate that Steve would make these grotesque comments so out of touch with reality and obviously so vindictive.”

Miller then went on to justify Trump’s habit of self-flattery by saying that he was “a political genius” who had "tapped into something magical that's happening in the heart of this country." According to Vox, he further added that the president was “a self-made billionaire who revolutionized reality TV and changed the course of our politics".

At this, Tapper replied: “I'm sure he's watching and he's happy you said that."

The last straw was when Miller claimed that he just needed the three minutes of airtime to defend the president who had been subjected to "24 hours of negative anti-Trump, hysterical coverage” on CNN. Tapper lost his patience and cut Miller off, saying that it was clear from the latter’s statement that he was pandering to Trump.

“I get it, there is one viewer that you care about right now and you’re being obsequious and factotum in order to please him,” Tapper said. “I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time. Thank you, Stephen.” After ending the interview abruptly, the CNN anchor cut to a commercial.

According to two inside sources who spoke to Business Insider, Miller refused to leave the set of CNN even after he was informed that he would not be getting any more air time with Tapper. After he was politely requested several times to leave, security had to be called and Miller was escorted out.

Regardless, it seemed like Miller accomplished what Tapper insinuated that he was seeking. Shortly after news of the interview broke, the president took to Twitter and wrote: “Jake Tapper of Fake News CNN just got destroyed in his interview with Stephen Miller of the Trump Administration. Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!”

However, most of the social media users did not the share Trump’s perception of the interview. They praised Tapper for not tolerating Miller’s political propaganda and refusing to let Trump’s aide run his show.

More Twitter users joined in the criticism of Trump’s aide, under “#FireMiller.” One of the users also dug up a video which showed the Miller making a racist joke while giving a speech in the past.

CNN is yet to officially issue a statement regarding the incident.