Arizona Rep. and Chairman of House Appropriations Committee Don Shooter, who was accused of sexual harassment by another female representative from his state, Michelle Ugenti-Rita, retracted his apology for the reported wrongdoing Tuesday and instead called his accuser a liar.

Although Shooter apologized to Ugenti-Rita for making any “insensitive” statements that could have led her to believe that she was being sexually harassed, later in evening on the same day, he retracted his apology. According to the statement he issued following his retraction, he had apologized before he knew the details of the accusations made by Ugenti-Rita.

“Since then, I've actually seen the text of Ms. Ugenti's accusations and I absolutely withdraw my apology,” he wrote in the statement. “I've been happily married for 41 years, I've never cheated on my wife, and there isn't a woman on this planet I would leave my wife for.”

Shooter’s statement also goes on to state that he and Ugenti-Rita did not share a cordial relationship in the workplace. He also alleged that Ugenti-Rita had an illicit affair with the House Speaker’s Chief of Staff, something that Shooter openly disapproved off since he knew her husband. He also went onto rebuke Ugenti-Rita for being the only Republican to oppose the Blue Lives Matter Bill and making sexually explicit jokes to a pastor, during a committee hearing.

Ugenti Rita had revealed the name of Shooter after posting an open letter on social media as part of the “Me Too” campaign, which began on Twitter, inviting women from all over the world to come forward and share their experiences of sexual harassment. In the letter, she stated that she had been harassed by male lawmakers and also faced retaliation for reporting her experience.

"I do feel compelled to want to come forward with someone who has been who has harassed me since I got here," Ugenti-Rita revealed later. "Currently he's a former senator and he's appropriations chairman Don Shooter."

She also went on to describe during a TV interview of how Shooter sought a romantic relationship with her and continued to make inappropriate advances toward her even after she told him it was wrong. "There was an incident where he came to my office during the day and asked about my chest," Ugenti-Rita told 3TV, AZ Central reported. "At a conference, he came to my room uninvited with a six-pack of beer. I never answered the door."

Even after Shooter retracted his apology, Ugenti-Rita said: “I stand by what I said.”

After the accusations were made by Ugenti-Rita, Arizona rep. Javan Mesnard issued a written sexual harassment policy which defines harassment and outlines steps for reporting allegations. He also stated that accusations against Shooter will be reviewed under the rules in the policy and action will be taken accordingly.

"These are very serious accusations and, consistent with the House anti-harassment policy and processes, will be investigated fully," Mesnard said in a statement.