U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the media as he exits the Manhattan Supreme Courthouse, where he served jury duty in New York City, on Aug. 17, 2015. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

Everybody wants a piece of Donald Trump. After lending his unmistakable face to the cover of Time magazine and the Hollywood Reporter this month, the mogul-turned-presidential candidate is reportedly set to grace the front of Rolling Stone.

Despite the magazine's penchant for Democrats, the GOP front-runner will appear on the magazine's cover in early September, CNN reported.

It's one more example of the media's symbiotic relationship with the ex-reality TV star. Trump continues to rack up most of the television campaign coverage: International Business Times reported last month that evening broadcast coverage of Trump was over 50 percent of all election coverage, while Fox News gave the candidate nearly 5 hours of airtime and 31 appearances from May to July. He scored more appearances on MSNBC and CNN than any other Republican candidate.

Inside his Time cover story, Trump offered up an idea to cash in on his prolific media appearances -- for charity, of course. He brought it up while discussing his next likely blockbuster appearance -- CNN's Republican presidential debate.

"So if I go to CNN and I say, look, you’re going to have a massive audience, and if I say to them, I want $10 million for charity, nothing for myself, what happens?" he said. "I’m not showing up, right?”

“I’m not showing up unless you give $10 million to cancer, to this, to that," he added. "You pick 10 great charities, $1 million per."

The latest Economist/YouGov poll shows Trump leading the field with 25 percent of the vote as of Aug. 18, down only 1 percent from his Aug. 4 showing. Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who is in second place, trails Trump with 11 percent of voters' support.