• Donald Trump struggled while reading the consitution
  • Donald Trump blamed others when he made mistakes
  • Donald Trump disrespected wife Melania Trump when they arrived in Florida

President Donald Trump was reportedly prickly and childish when he made a mistake while reading the constitution.

The POTUS agreed to be filmed for the documentary “The Words That Built America” directed by the daughter of Democractic leader Nancy Pelosi, Alexandra Pelosi. The team filmed six living presidents and six vice-presidents, according to Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig in “A Very Stable Genius.”

Trump opted to read the opening of Article II, which addresses the POTUS’ election and the scope of his power. Pelosi even complimented the president’s choice, saying he was lucky because he got the easy part since things got complicated after it.

However, when Trump started reading it, he stumbled and eventually got irritated. The businessman-turned-politician said it was hard because of the “language.” Trump even said it was like a “different language” or “foreign language.”

The members of the crew exchanged looks and some were concerned because the POTUS was getting irritated of his mistakes. Then Trump blamed the crew for distracting him because their paper was making a lot of noise when it was already “tough enough.”

“Every time he stumbled, he manufactured something to blame people,” one person in the room said.

“He never said, ‘Sorry, I’m messing this up.’ [Other] people would screw up and say, ‘Ohhhh, I’m sorry.’ They would be self-effacing. He was making up excuses and saying there were distracting sounds…He was definitely blaming everyone for his inability to get through it. That was prickly or childish”

The authors added that the POTUS “behaved like a brooding child, short-tempered, brittle, and quick to blame mystery distractions” for his mistakes. One eyewitness even said that he felt sorry for Trump because he looked unprepared.

In related news, Trump disrespected his wife Melania Trump when they arrived in Florida to spend their weekend at Mar-a-Lago. Many noticed that the POTUS left his wife and son alone on the tarmac when they deplaned.

The president greeted the crowd without checking or waiting for Melania and Barron who were following his lead. According to an etiquette expert, Trump’s distance was a sign of “disrespect” to the FLOTUS.

US President Donald Trump plans to be in Davos during opening arguments in his impeachment trial
US President Donald Trump plans to be in Davos during opening arguments in his impeachment trial AFP / Nicholas Kamm