• Donald Trump leaves Melania and Barron on the tarmac
  • Melania Trump looked unhappy when Donald Trump held her hand
  • Melania Trump sparked marital feud rumors

Donald Trump seemingly left his wife Melania and son Barron on their own on the tarmac during a trip.

The first family flew to Florida to spend the weekend at Mar-a-Lago. The Hill shared a clip of their arrival which shockingly shows  how the president descends the airstair and walk ahead of his wife and son. Barron was walking next to Trump but the POTUS didn’t mind him, he greeted the people and continued walking leaving Melania and Barron as he waved to the crowd.

The netizens have different reaction about the video. One said that it was great because the family deserved a break after a great week. However, some slammed the POTUS for not being a perfect family man.

“What a real family man...disgusting,” one commented.

“It appears that Donald just ignores the rest of the family,” another added.

“I was thinking the same.  He acts like his child isn’t right next to him,” a different user agreed.

A few days back, Melania sparked marital feud rumors when she and Trump made an appearance at the NCAA College Football Championship. Melania was caught on camera smiling but her expressions turned into a grimace when Trump reached out to hold her hand. Also, there were clips where Melania was seen snatching her hand away from the POTUS.

“First Lady Melania Trump doesn’t look too happy with the hand holding,” one wrote on Twitter.

“She looks miserable with him! LOL,” another opined.

Melania and Trump will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary on the 23rd. It remains unknown how the couple will celebrate the milestone of their marriage.

Last year, many were shocked because the couple didn’t make any noise on social media. According to Express, it was odd for someone like the POTUS to not mention his wedding anniversary with Melania when he is “heavily involved” on Twitter. Melania also didn’t post anything related to the event on her own account.

trump barron U.S. President Donald Trump (C) departs the White House with first lady Melania Trump (R) and their son, Barron (L), February 01, 2019 in Washington, DC. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images