• Donald Trump compared coronavirus to the common flu
  • Netizens disagreed that coronavirus is similar to the common flu
  • Donald Trump reportedly fears that the press will intentionally give him coronavirus

Donald Trump has compared coronavirus to the common flu, but online users disagreed with him.

The number of individuals affected by coronavirus continues to rise. However, the president of the United States remains unfazed as he continues to hold rallies. He even compared the disease to the common flu.

“So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump’s press secretary Stephanie Grisham also said the same thing in an interview with Fox News. Grisham said that they were telling people to “act as if this a severe flue season.” She suggested that people should wash their hands often and for the elderly or those with health issues, she advised that they should not go to areas with a big crowd.

While Trump’s administration treats coronavirus just like a severe flu, several netizens didn’t agree with this especially those who are currently in Italy.

“Please, please guys. Here in northern #Italy we made one big mistake. Everybody kept saying ‘It's just flu’ and now our intensive care units are collapsing. Everybody kept going outside like nothing happened and now our grandparents and parents are dying. #coronavirus is not #flu,” @brettirwin15 commented on Trump’s post.

Peter Imanuelsen, a Swedish journalist and political commentator, also took to social media to share an update on how coronavirus has badly affected Italy.

According to him, 10, 0149 are infected, 631 are dead and 877 are in the intensive care units. “ALL of Italy is on LOCKDOWN - 60 million people. This is not ‘just the flu’ guys,” Imanuelsen concluded.

Many also expressed concerns on how Trump treats the disease, insisting that there is a huge difference between the two because there is no vaccine or antiviral drug for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Trump also fears coronavirus. The POTUS was reportedly melting down and was afraid that the press will purposely give him the disease.

US President Donald Trump says there is "no reason to panic" over the novel coronavirus US President Donald Trump says there is "no reason to panic" over the novel coronavirus Photo: AFP / Roberto SCHMIDT