• Melania Trump has no zed card
  • Donald Trump is proud of wife Melania's modeling career
  • Melania Trump's photo with two women that’s making rounds on social media is partly false

Melania Trump’s modeling career was questioned due to the lack of her high-fashion shots.

Melania was a model before she became the First Lady of the United States. President Donald Trump is very proud of his wife’s career. In fact, the POTUS considers her one of the most successful supermodels. However, Nicole James questioned Melania’s modeling career in an article for Political Flare. According to her, Melania’s pictures “aren’t high-fashion shots.” Writer Quinn Cummings also wondered about the FLOTUS’ zed card.

“I keep thinking about Melania's zed card. If you aren't near the modeling business, a zed card or a comp card is the modeling equivalent of a headshot. It's slightly different, because their stats will be on it and headshots are mostly of the actor's, well, head,” Cummings wrote on Twitter

She added that a zed card includes at least one full-body shot. Back then, this was the only way models could be submitted for work. She then shared some shots of Joan Smalls and Behati Prinsloo before the latter married Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

Cummings added that she never saw Melania’s zed card, so it bugged her. Models update their books to get work and their better photos become their new zed card because they are hired for their looks. However, the photos she found of Melania didn’t qualify as zed cards.

“This is what you find of Melania. There are more, but you get the point. These are the pictures your local photographer takes in your podunk Communist town which you send to a modeling agency, who never writes back,” she wrote.

Cummings’ post received various reactions from online users. One said that she also worked with zed cards and didn’t find one for Melania. Another called the FLOTUS fake.

“I use to shoot ZED cards for models in Las Vegas, Melania's was never a real model, I have seen models from every country cruze through Vegas and none like her. On the other hand I have seen a-lot of the ADULT industry in Vegas and Melania's photos look more familiar,” @skatevalhalla wrote.

Another user agreed with Cummings. According to her, she was a child model and actor in the early ‘70s and ‘80s. She added that she still has her composites and they are constantly updated and anyone who wanted to work has to have those stuff.

In related news, photos of Melania with two other women made rounds on social media. However, it is partly false because unlike the claims that she’s with her sister and mother, the other woman was actually not her mom.

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