• Donald Trump met with pharmaceutical executives to discuss COVID-19
  • Twitter users reacted to Donald Trump's behavior during the coronavirus conference
  • Donald Trump is reportedly experiencing a significant cognitive decline 

Netizens think that Donald Trump has no idea about vaccines and viruses.

The POTUS met with pharmaceutical executives to discuss COVID-19. However, many felt that he lacks understanding when it comes to developing vaccines because he keeps on insisting for a two-month timeline.

Infectious diseases head Dr. Anthony Fauci had to stop him and told the president, “Like I’ve been telling you, a year to a year and a half.” This interaction prompted Twitter users to react and most of them slammed the POTUS saying that he had no idea about the process of making vaccines.

“Donald Trump really has NO IDEA how viruses, vaccines, and scientific research works.  This is dangerously incompetent,” @isawthesethings wrote.

“He has NO idea how any of this works. A potus who cared would have read up and have a high level understanding of vaccine development. He has no intellectual curiosity and apparently no intellectual capability to do so,” another user opined.

“I don’t think Trump understands that the timeline from concept to market for a vaccine is normally around 10 years. A year & a half is lightning fast. A vaccine won’t save us from this, this is a treat not prevent situation,” @kristenresists added.

Meanwhile, some criticized the POTUS and a few even called him names. Some said he was “stupid” while another called Trump “dumb.”

“He is so spectacularly stupid. He thinks this is a negotiation. He truly believes he is somehow going to talk them into saying there will be a vaccine in a few months. This is dangerous,“ @TrumpFrederick commented.

In related news, according to experts, Trump is experiencing significant cognitive decline and suffering a reduction in linguistic sophistication. His speaking skills was superb in the ‘80s and the ‘90s. However, according to some experts, the change this could be strategic. Georgetown University linguist Jennifer Sclafani said that speaking this way made Trump more relatable and authentic. 

US President Donald Trump says there is "no reason to panic" over the novel coronavirus US President Donald Trump says there is "no reason to panic" over the novel coronavirus Photo: AFP / Roberto SCHMIDT