Ever the promoter, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump used his victory speech after winning the Michigan and Mississippi primaries Tuesday to defend attacks on some of his failed business ventures, literally bringing a series of now-defunct products on stage with him. On CBS' "The Late Show" Wednesday, Stephen Colbert roasted the candidate's stunt like it was one of Trump's steaks.

"Did you all catch his victory speech?" Colbert asked "The Late Show" crowd, who cheered. "I thought you did, because it was on every single channel. I think even Nick Jr. was running it, because I saw some sort of orange blob on TV."

Colbert went on to mock the candidate for his defense against 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney's attacks on Trump's failed companies. Romney criticized many Trump's business decisions during a speech on March 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

"In case you didn't see the speech, it had a little bit of product placement," said Colbert, before showing video of Trump touting his branded water, magazine, wine and steaks. "That's right, Trump gave his victory speech next to a pyramid of raw steak. He was either trying to prove Mitt wrong, or introducing his new running mate: Trump-Pile of Meat 2016 — Good luck telling them apart!"

The comedian concluded the bit by revealing one of his own Emmy trophies covered in meat. Colbert offered the beef-covered trophy to Trump as an award for "Number One Man," if Trump would agree to drop out of the race. 

Watch Stephen Colbert mock Trump's speech on "The Late Show" below:

During his victory speech, Trump said he was a winner, a "unifier" and a successful business owner while speaking from Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. Displayed at the news conference were Trump Steaks, Trump Wine and Trump Water.

"There's only one person who did well tonight: Donald Trump," Trump said.

After his wins in Michigan and Mississippi, as well as Hawaii, which was called for the candidate after his speech, Trump now leads the GOP field with 458 delegates. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is a distant second with 359 delegates, followed by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio with 151 delegates, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 54 delegates. The candidates square off in a debate Thursday night in Miami ahead of the all-important Florida primary on March 15.