• Donald Trump looked like a bored toddler during his meeting on Thursday, a journalist said 
  • Donald Trump struggled to stay awake during his meeting with governors
  • The POTUS closed his eyes a couple of times during his meeting 

Donald Trump recently sparked rumors that he fell asleep during a coronavirus meeting at the FEMA headquarters in Washington.

On Thursday, the POTUS held a video conference with state governors to talk about the various ways they could help prevent the spread of coronavirus. During the call, the president looked disengaged and very tired.

During the conference, the governors told the president that suppliers canceled orders with state governments for a better deal. They reportedly want competing bids from the federal government.

Trump looked confused and bored while the governors were raising their concerns. Twitter user @Politidope uploaded a video of the president where he seemed as though he was falling asleep while listening to the governors.

“Here is the president sleeping during the coronavirus meeting as the vice president speaks,” the Twitter user captioned the clip.

The POTUS, who seems to have lost some weight, closed his eyes for a few seconds before opening them again. And he once again closed his eyes while his arms are placed across his chest, which made him look tired and disinterested.

Upon seeing the clip of the POTUS struggling to stay awake during the meeting, his critics couldn’t help but make fun of him on Twitter.

“Attention!!! Paging Ivanka Trump. Come get your father. He has wandered into another meeting on his way to the cafeteria,” Twitter user @OtherWA360 said.

“Joe Biden needs to use this video in his campaign and show it each time Trump calls him ‘sleepy Joe,’” Twitter user @Msdesignerlady said.

“Low energy. It must be exhausting tweeting all night, railing against the media, the Chinese, and Democrats all day,” Twitter user @Sept25lady said.

Meanwhile, Political Flare journalist Andrea Jefferson likened Trump to a bored toddler after seeing his demeanor at the meeting.

“As the meeting progressed, it was obvious that Trump was bored and just didn’t want to be there. You know the look. Arms crossed, sour face, etc,” she said.