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Donald Trump and Marla Maples’ prenup agreement was “ironclad.”

According to Vanity Fair, the president considered a prenup a “buzzkill” when it comes to having a romance. He felt that it is a horrible document because it says how the couple will split things up when they divorce and it’s not for the optimists. However, it is a “modern-day necessity.”

According to the report, Donald’s divorce with his first wife Ivana had been a legal war. So when he was about to marry Maples, he wanted her to sign a prenup.

Following Donald and Ivana’s separation he gave her their Greenwich estate and agreed to pay $650,000 annually to support their three children Donald Jr., Ivana and Eric. At that point, Donald wanted to make sure that Maples couldn’t come after his money.

“The way it was drawn up is ironclad and shows how wary he was,” Roul Felder, a  divorce lawyer said. “He was leaving nothing to chance.”

Donald reportedly agreed to only pay Maples $1 million if they separated within five years and another $1 million to buy a house. He also offered $100,000 child support payment for their daughter Tiffany when she turned 21.

Donald was also determined to keep Maples quiet, so he made an extensive confidentiality agreement. Maples agreed that she wouldn’t publish any “diary, memoir, letter, story, photograph, interview, article, essay, account or description or depiction of any kind whatsoever, whether fictionalized or not, concerning the details of the parties’ marriage.”

Maples reportedly agreed with the terms even if she wanted $25 million. She was hoping that they could renegotiate a better deal in five years. However, they separated after only four years.

Ivana revealed that her daughter Ivanka went home crying after learning that she and Donald were divorcing. Since Ivana and Donald separated due to his affair with Maples, Ivanka didn’t like his father’s second wife. In fact, Ivanka and Maples reportedly have a “tension-filled” relationship.

Donald married Melania after Maples. The POTUS and FLOTUS have one son named Barron. They have a different approach when it comes to parenting, but Melania didn’t take it against Donald that he is not a hands-on parent like her.

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