• Donald Trump just bragged about his friendship with Kim Jong-Un
  • Donald Trump still dislikes Barack Obama
  • The POTUS urged Americans to remain calm amid the coronavirus outbreak 

Donald Trump shockingly bragged about his friendship with Kim Jong-un and his dislike for Barack Obama.

At a Fox News town hall on Thursday night, the POTUS urged netizens to remain calm amid the coronavirus pandemic. Host Martha MacCallum asked the president if he thinks the virus would have long-term impacts on the economy, and Trump confidently said that everything will work out.

The POTUS also discussed his decision to ban travel to China once he found out that there was an outbreak. He also claimed that his administration received positive comments for how they’ve handled the coronavirus.

Melania Trump’s husband did not also forget to praise Vice President Mike Pence, whom he tapped to lead that coronavirus taskforce. Trump said that Pence has been working 20 hours a day to address the problem.

But it was his statement about Obama and the president of North Korea that shocked the nation the most.

“Kim Jong-Un did not want to talk to him. And me he wanted to talk to… We have a very good relationship,” the POTUS said.

According to journalist Aaron Rupar, Trump’s statement just showed that he’s siding with North Korea’s president in his feud with the ex-POTUS. Unfortunately, his comments did not sit well with a lot of people.

“Dodard is President Obama’s stalker #sad,” Twitter user @StopTheBS15 said.

“Maybe if Obama would just write Trump a love letter we could be out of this mess,” Twitter user @MagnaPopaTude said.

“Never thought it’s possible that we’d have a POTUS who’d brag about being besties with a murderous dictator, but there he is – sublimely unaware that – Kim is paying him like a $10 ukulele,” Twitter user @ClaudiaWheatley said.

“He still wuvs Kim? And he thinks he will think less of Obama because Obama didn’t?” Twitter user @LockjawVerity said.

“This guy is so insanely obsessed with President Obama. On the contrary, Obama would consider Trump as one irrelevant person,” Twitter user @talemayehu said.

US President Donald Trump has called for the central bank to cut further
US President Donald Trump has called for the central bank to cut further AFP / Brendan Smialowski