• Donald Trump once again sparked dementia rumors
  • The POTUS was accused of taking Adderall that's why he doesn't sleep 
  • Donald Trump stayed awake for 48 hours before the Coronavirus conference 

Donald Trump’s acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney just revealed that the POTUS didn’t sleep for 48 hours straight before his Coronavirus conference.

Mulvaney also called the POTUS a freak of nature for his energy.

“Does this guy ever sleep? He’s the most Energizer bunny guy I’ve ever met. I can’t imagine being his chief of staff. The phone calls start about 6 am and don’t come after midnight,” he said.

Mulvaney also revealed that the POTUS didn’t sleep on his flight back to the United States from India because he was sending out text messages, emails, and making phone calls.

“He did that press conference Wednesday night. The thing you saw for an hour – he had not slept for a day and a half, two and a half. When we do those kinds of trips if I had been on the trip. we sleep in shifts so that somebody is always up. The man just never sleeps,” he said.

However, Trump’s critics weren’t impressed with Mulvaney’s revelation. Twitter user @TimJChicago claimed that the president’s lack of sleep was just a cover-up for his dementia.

“Mulvaney, a Trump enabler, is making excuses for what is actually Trump's dementia ravaged condition. If he went 48 hours without sleep, there are likely stimulant type drugs involved. Look for Trump to become increasingly detached from reality as the Coronavirus spreads,” he wrote.

“Mulvaney bragging about Trump’s addiction to stimulants as if it’s something to be admired. You want 73 years old’s that are smart enough to get some sleep when they’re facing a National Emergency, not snort more Adderall,” Twitter user @CaslerNoel wrote.

“Mulvaney excused Trump's performance in his coronavirus press conference because he didn't get enough sleep coming home from India. I actually believe this (and had thought about how poorly Trump travels myself). But the reason Mulvaney knows he didn't sleep is he was up shitposting,” Twitter user @emptywheel said.