• Donald Trump is rumored to be suffering from dementia
  • Donald Trump has a hard time remembering dates
  • Donald Trump thinks he just met Mark Zuckerberg

Donald Trump once again sparked rumors that he could be suffering from dementia.

Earlier this month, the POTUS had a conversation with Rush Limbaugh, where he talked about meeting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Trump said that he met Zuckerberg the other day. However, the two actually met in October.

Last month, Zuckerberg shared details from his meeting with the POTUS and said that they talked about a lot of things.

“We talked about a number of things that were on his mind and the topics that you’d read in the news around our work,” he said.

Shortly after the POTUS commented on his meeting with Zuckerberg, CNN’s Daniel Dale claimed that Melania Trump’s husband is struggling to remember dates. This suggests that he could be suffering from dementia.

“Trump told Fox last week that Mark Zuckerberg congratulated him when Zuckerberg was in the White House ‘two weeks ago.’ Facebook clarifies, again, that Zuckerberg hasn’t been there since October. [Intentionally or not, Trump habitually moves events much closer to the present],” Dale tweeted.

In a follow-up tweet, Dale also said that he first noticed the POTUS’ inability to recall dates in 2018. Since his became the president, Trump has already misstated a date or time at least 51 times.

Some netizens also claimed that Trump’s inability to recall certain dates could only mean that he’s suffering from dementia.

“It’s because he loses so much time. Days and weeks to him are getting more blurred due to his dementia. To him everything just happened. I’m not a doc but I saw this with my mom. Eventually he will remember what happened years ago,” Twitter user @DclemDeborah said.

Other netizens said that Trump doesn’t suffer from dementia. Rather, he’s just so used to lying that he tends to mix up the truth.

“When you literally lie about everything, being accurate about anything is inconsequential,” Twitter user @TrumpSu18439194 said.

“What’s new? This evil man only knows how to lie,” Twitter user @Lindamartin0071 said.