• Donald Trump's health could be deteriorating
  • Donald Trump may be suffering from dementia
  • Donald Trump's balance and gait are deteriorating

Donald Trump's health became the topic of discussion after he made an appearance at a rally in Wisconsin.

At that time, the POTUS was seemingly swinging his right leg around. It also became evident that his balance and gait have been deteriorating.

Some netizens are convinced the dementia is what’s causing Trump’s health’s decline. Twitter user @TomJChicago reached out to a doctor, who also had the same observations about Melania Trump’s husband.

“That video of him walking was very disturbing. People with balance issues have a wide-based gait to compensate. He’s a fall risk. His balance is very poor and he’s at risk of fracturing his neck or femur. If he does it’s all over because demented patients with this fracture never recover. He’s certainly deteriorating,” the doctor said.

Some netizens also questioned Trump’s family and why they don’t stop him from walking on elevated flooring.

“I don’t understand what their plan is. His family, I mean. Let him fall down some stairs on national TV? It will happen eventually. I mean, what’s their plan, I want to know,” Twitter user @witchaykittay said.

“Trump is a sick man. Too bad his family and any close friends care about money and power over his health and well-being,” Twitter user @SueRic2 said.

Meanwhile, some individuals are also speculating on the possibility of Trump suffering a stroke. The rumors first came to light when the POTUS visited Walter Reed months ago.

“There is clearly something wrong, neurologically. In addition to his speech, we see it in his aimless walk, unable to walk in a straight line and almost dragging his right foot. I suspect he had been having a series of ‘mini’ ischemic strokes,” Twitter user @Robert_Enninga said.

“Stroke victim Trump…” Twitter user @NigelLeitch said.

“Seek medical attention, you may be suffering from a stroke,” Twitter user @OGSkankHunt said.

“Good. Old fat guys have strokes,” Twitter user @RoyPalatino said.

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