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Donald Trump’s approval ratings increase amid impeachment trial.

The president of the United States has continued to defy his critics based on a new poll showing that his approval ratings from independent voters has increased. Reuters and Ipsos Core Political carried out a poll between Dec. 9 and 10 asking a cross section of people including Republicans, Democrats and independents about their opinion of the POTUS, Express reported.

“Overall, do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president?” the survey asks.

About 62 percent of the independents said that they disapproved of Donald’s performance as the president. The publication noted that the number of independents who “strongly disapprove” of the POTUS’ performance has decreased by 10 points from 48 to 38 percent.

The independent voters play a decisive role in the upcoming presidential election because their votes will be pivotal in winning key swing states. Also, fewer independents support Donald’s impeachment.

Only 38 percent of independent voters agree that Trump should be impeached as opposed to 41 percent last time.

In addition, a separate poll by Republican public affairs firm Firehouse Strategies and Optimus puts the PUTOS ahead of all the Democratic primary frontrunners in the three key states Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The publication pointed out that the impeachment procedures have “barely dented” Donald’s popularity.

Meanwhile, many are convinced that Michelle Obama will run for president despite her previous statements saying that there is “zero chance” she will join the presidential race. According to David Krayden, Ottawa Bureau Chief for the Daily Caller, the Obamas are making another bid for power and this time, the ex-FLOTUS will take the lead by competing for the country’s highest office.

Just like Donald, Michelle is also subjected to various criticisms. Just recently, some Twitter users attacked Barack’s wife after she spoke about her friendship with former president George W. Bush saying that they shared the same values.

US President Donald Trump is facing two articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives
US President Donald Trump is facing two articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives AFP / Nicholas Kamm