• Michelle Obama might run for president
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Michelle Obama might run for president.

For years, there have been rumors that the ex-FLOTUS might join the presidential race in 2020. Democrats have begged Michelle to run for president despite her saying that she’s not interested in it.

According to David Krayden, Ottawa Bureau Chief for the Daily Caller, there is still a possibility that the Obamas might return to the White House. In an article for Human Events, Krayden wrote, “The Obamas are making another bid for power.”

Krayden acknowledged Michelle’s previous statement saying that there is “zero chance” she would seek the presidency. However, he believes that with the former president “growing increasingly antagonistic” towards Donald Trump’s presidency, he might endorse his wife.

Barack has refused to endorse any presidential candidate including Joe Biden who served with him for eight years. Krayden felt that the ex-POTUS has apparently gained a profound political maturity in the last few years. By reading between Barack’s words, Krayden felt that he is damning the current Democratic forerunners and might have his other half join the race to lead the Democrats.

“The Democratic Party might resemble an amateur theatrical production without a star. Still, with a producer like Barack Obama stepping into management, the New Year might be when the real action begins, with Michelle Obama as the lead,” Krayden wrote.

He added that Barack is “leveraging his aggrandizing for the sake of personal power.” What the couple is missing is the power the highest office offers. Krayden concluded that it won’t take long for Michelle to announce her bid for presidency.

Tucker Carlson Tonight also recognized Michelle’s past statements about the presidency. Just like Krayden, he believes that Barack’s wife would eventually join the presidential race because he saw some signs that Michelle’s statement was not true.

Twitter users have mixed reactions about Michelle running for president. Some were supportive and even encouraged the ex-FLOTUS to run because she has the brains, strength and brilliance. However, others slammed Michelle because they do not want another Obama as president.

Barack and Michelle Obama Former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama have an estimated net worth of $80 million. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images