West Palm Beach, Florida, -- A Florida man was arrested for allegedly murdering two relatives at his home and attempting to kill another person. The 57-year-old suspect, who initially confessed to the third victim about the double murder, later told the police he could not recall the incidents.

Guillermo Silva was nabbed on multiple charges including two counts of domestic violence second-degree murder and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Law & Crime reported.

The murders came to light after the deputies responded to Silva's residence in West Palm Beach on July 2 after getting reports of a domestic dispute. The officers then found Silva being held down by the unidentified assault victim, who called the emergency officers for help.

During a search at the house, investigators also found the bodies of the two victims: a man and a woman, whose identities have also been withheld. The exact relationship between Silva and the victims is not known.

The man's body was found in the living room with severe blunt force trauma to his face, while the woman's naked body was inside Silva's bedroom. The woman, who had a laceration to her back, also suffered severe blunt force trauma to her torso, arm and face.

Silva was taken to a hospital for the minor injuries he sustained during the altercation with the victim who called the cops.

According to the said victim, he came to the residence to give money to Silva's two relatives, who are now deceased. When the man could not reach them on the phone, he honked, and Silva came out of the house. He asked about the two people, and Silva told him to go inside the house.

As soon as the man entered the residence, Silva attacked him from behind and held him using a kitchen knife, saying, "I'm going to f--king kill you!" However, the victim managed to overpower Silva and disarm him before calling the police.

Silva allegedly confessed to the victim that he killed the other two people. "Please forgive me ... I killed them ... They're dead ... Kill me!" the suspect said, as per WPTV.

During interrogation, Silva told the investigators he drank alcohol earlier that day. He told them he had a verbal argument with the two murder victims before he went to sleep. Silva also claimed that he was woken up by the third victim who attacked him. He told the police that he could not recall killing the two victims or threatening to kill the third victim with a knife.

Meanwhile, the motives behind the murders remain unclear.

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Representation. A police line. ValynPi14/Pixabay