Downton Abbey fans have awhile until the PBS show kicks off its third season on Jan. 6, but we have some exciting new scoop on what's to come! The cast and crew of the hit series revealed a new trailer and dished out some new gossip at the PBS Television Critics press tour. Take a look at five of the hottest spoilers revealed about season three of Downton Abbey.

Timing Is Everything

Season three of Downton Abbey is expected to span about two years in the early 1920's. Our favorite characters will be recovering from the war, and dealing with the impact of the Irish troubles, Entertainment Weekly reports.

We could end with the Wall Street crash and have Robert playing the ukulele, creator Julian Fellowes joked to TV Line.

Mo' Money Mo' Problems

The Earl of Grantham is in for some serious financial problems. According to E! News, although most of the money is gone after bad investments, the family is lucky to have American Cora (Elizabeth McGovern).

Cora is less afraid of the future than Robert is, Fellowes revealed to E! She's much less afraid of change and now you'll start to see more and more of that.

Shirley MacLaine's American Addition

In season three,Downton Abbey will finally introduce Cora's American mother, Martha Levinson to be played by Shirley MacLaine. MacLaine's character will bring a lot of insight into Cora and her modest American upbringing, but she will also of course bring some drama. Cora's mother will reportedly be clashing with Dowager Countess.

With Martha's addition, don't expect the Downton Abbey crew to make a visit to America though. Fellowes revealed to Entertainment Weekly about MacLaine, that We have chosen the other route and brought America to us.

Happily Never After?

Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew (Dan Stevens) seemed happy at the end of season two, but EW reports that their happiness is short lived. The pair are in the middle of planning their wedding, but run into trouble when they begin arguing and Mary accuses him of disloyalty to the famiy.

Downton Abbey scooped up 16 Emmy nominations. Season three of the PBS show airs in the U.S. on Jan. 6.