downton abbey
Is Lady Mary finally moving on after the death of Matthew? ITV/ PBS Screenshot

American “Downton Abbey” fans may have to continue waiting until January to watch season 4, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up to date on the U.K. spoilers. The television drama is currently diving into its third episode, and it’s definitely one not to miss.

Thanks to Spoiler TV, you can not only watch the promo video for episode 3, but also learn some plot details.

According to the leaked synopsis, the episode will find the Crawleys throwing an extravagant house party at the Abbey. It's a way to “reconnect with old friends,” but not every guest in attendance will be welcome.

One of the potential unwelcome party guests? A man from Lady Mary’s past, and new potential love interest – Lord Anthony Gillingham.

“Who’s the glamorous pirate?” Lord Grantham asks his wife. “Don’t you recognize Johnny Gillingham’s son?” Cora asks her husband.

Episode 3 will find Lord Gillingham stepping up to the plate to try to break through to Lady Mary’s grieving heart, even going as far as to asking her to dance. Whether he’s successful remains to be answered, but another clip in the promo video does show the widow letting loose with a smile and a little laughter. But is it disloyal to Matthew? That’s what the look on Isobel Crawley’s face seems to hint at.

As for what’s happening in the servants quarters, the usual drama of course! Thomas has set Anna up as the target of a plot, but unfortunately she can’t see that. While Bates has his suspicions, Anna insists that he’s just trying to be nice.

U.K. “Downton Abbey” viewers can watch episode 3 when it airs on Sunday. Season 4 of the hit series will premiere on Jan. 5, 2014.