‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 Spoilers: Casting Rumors Revealed
"Downton Abbey" released what new characters will be appearing in season 5 of the PBS series. DowntonAbbey

Yes! Finally some “Downton Abbey” news we can politely and aristocratically sink our teeth into. It’s been about three months since the Julian Fellowes drama aired its Season 4 finale in the United States and we have to admit, we’ve been more anxious than ever while waiting for it to return to PBS.

Unfortunately, fans will have to live in a “Downton”-less world until September, which is when the series returns for a fifth season in the UK. But don’t freak out! We’ve got some “Downton” scoop that will leave you feeling as cool and collected as the dowager countess of Grantham herself.

According to reports, Season 5 will be welcoming a slew of new cast members to the English set, one of them being Sue Johnston. Does the name ring a bell? You might know Johnston from her work on “Waking the Dead,” “The Royle Family” and “Coronation Street.” But soon you’ll be correlating her face with “Downton Abbey” when she takes on the role of Denker.

Denker is the lady’s maid to Maggie Smith’s character on the TV series – and we can only imagine what will happen when these sly divas clash. Forbes theorized that Johnston’s character will be a “woman of relatively few words,” but we can predict that when Denker does deliver a line it will undoubtedly become a phrase you’re unlikely to forget.

Why do we say that? Well, it’s because Denker will become the eyes and ears of Downton, which means she’ll be the person to go to when you want some jaw-dropping scoop. Oh, the gossip she'll have!

But this begs the question: Will Denker’s new -- and well-informed -- position eventually lead to a problematic situation? Guess we’ll have to wait until September to find out what’s in store for Johnston’s character when “Downton Abbey” airs this fall in the UK. Fans in the States, however, will most likely have to wait until December to see how the stories of their favorite characters will play out.

What are your predictions for Season 5? Are you excited to welcome Johnston to the cast? Sound off in the comments section below!