Downton finale sneak peek
Sneak peek videos from the "Downton Abbey" Season 5 finale show Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville, left), Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery, center) and Tom Branson (Allen Leech) on a hunting trip. Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited 2014 for MASTERPIECE

The “Downton Abbey” Season 5 finale is finally upon us, and fans can expect some major drama in the last episode. Episode 9 will also be the Christmas episode, and it seems most of the family is leaving Downton for the holidays. In sneak peek videos, the family leaves for a hunting trip with Lord Sinderby’s (James Faulkner) family.

Sneak Peek No. 1

Carson (Jim Carter), Lady Violet (Maggie Smith) and Isobel (Penelope Wilton) watch the family head off to Northumberland at the train station. Carson seems happy to be in charge of the household, but Lady Violet and Isobel seem to know that this trip won’t go well.

“Lord Sinderby, Branson and Barrow. Not what I call a recipe for a peaceful week shooting,” the Dowager Countess says.

“Makes you wonder what they’ll be shooting at by the end of it,” Isobel retorts.

What the sneak peek video from “Downton Abbey” Season 5, episode 9 below:

Sneak Peek No. 2

The drama starts as soon as the family arrives in Northumberland. Lord Sinderby knew he’d upset Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) by not inviting Rose’s (Lily James) father Shrimpy (Peter Egan) on the trip. It’s odd that he invited his daughter-in-law’s cousins but not her father, but viewers will remember that Lord Sinderby deeply disapproves of divorce.

“Papa only said he was a good shot, and he is,” Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) says. “Lord Sinderby, now that we’re family, wouldn’t it be better just to accept the situation with Rose’s parents? Wouldn’t it make it pleasanter for everyone?”

“Well, I can’t pretend to approve of divorce, even for you,” Lord Sinderby says.

“And you can’t learn to live with it, even for Rose’s sake?” Mary asks.

Ahead of them, Tom Branson (Allen Leech) and Lady Sinderby (Penny Downie) talk about the Crawleys’ welcoming nature. Lady Sinderby asks if it was hard to be part of their family.

“Hard enough,” Tom says. “Sybil was dead and I had to do it on my own.”

“They seem much more welcoming than we are,” Lady Sinderby notes.

“I was still a shock to the system,” Tom assures her.

Watch the sneak peek video from the “Downton Abbey” Season 5 finale below:

“Downton Abbey” Season 5, episode 9, the season finale, airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on PBS. Can Lord Sinderby ignore his beliefs and accept Rose's parents or are they doomed to have a strained relationship forever? Sound off in the comments section below!