The most recent chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” manga featured the fan-favorite Saiyan Son Goku being trained by the strongest galactic Patrolman Merus. This came after Goku noticed that Nerus knew something about Ultra-Instinct. Eventually, Goku was right as Merus confirmed this when they began the training.

Interestingly, since the release of “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 52, fans have grown increasingly intrigued by Merus’ true identity and how powerful he really is. Ultra Instinct is not something that can be easily learned by any fighter or even God of Destruction. With the way Merus speaks, it appeared that he has somehow mastered the technique.

Fans have been speculating about Merus’ identity and his true powers. One fan theory suggests that Merus could be the angel of destruction from one of the universes that were destroyed by Zeno-Sama. It is worth noting that the appearance of Merus has striking similarities with the angels of destruction.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 53 Spoilers: Merus Possibly An Angel More Powerful Than Goku, Vegeta, Or Beerus
"Dragon Ball Super" is slowly introducing interesting characters in the plot while revealing Moro's ultimate plan for powerful Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta. Instacodez/flickr

Even his gestures and the way he uses his staff is somewhat similar to Whis. If this is the case, then Merus is definitely stronger than Son Goku or Vegeta or Beerus. But, at the moment, we need more information to confirm this fan theory. Chapter 53 of “Dragon Ball Super” is anticipated to feature Merus’s real power.

There are also several interesting points that we might be able to learn in the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super.” This includes the story of how Merus learned about Ultra Instinct. We might also be able to see the signs of Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen. Vegeta will get his training from Yardratians and will learn new techniques.

As for Morro, the villain is anticipated to send a ship of powerful villains to Earth. Should the shipload of villains get beaten; he will personally visit the Earth. “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 53 is also anticipated to reveal Morro’s relation to the angels of destruction. “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 53 will be released either on October 20.