• Merus returns to assist the heroes
  • Merus evacuates Goku and others away from the battlefield
  • "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63 is releasing on Aug. 20

After singlehandedly defeating Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and others, Moro sets his eyes on Jaco, who is the last hero standing. But the arrival of Merus toward the end of the last chapter can prove to be game-changing. A new draft summary for "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63 is out. The episode is titled "Merus’ Resolution."

This article contains spoilers from chapters 62 and 63

Merus arrives just when Moro is ready to get rid of Jaco. Twitter user DbsHype shared the latest "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63 summary and credited ErrenVanDuine and keigowing for translations. In the upcoming chapter, Jaco tells Merus that Moro has gotten extremely powerful for the Galactic Patrolmen to handle.

Merus reveals he is aware of Moro’s powers and he is there to finish Son Goku’s training. Meanwhile, Jaco asks where Goku, Vegeta and others have gone. Moro is confused about who Merus is. Merus tells them he evacuated Goku and others away from the area.

Moro warns Merus to stop fooling around as the latter dispels the villain’s barrier.

In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63, Merus goes for Moro and launches an attack. He strikes Merus with his staff. Moro blocks his attacks and notes that he can’t feel Merus’ life energy. He asks Merus if he is a god. Merus smirks and launches another attack. The fight continues and Merus ends up striking Moro in the face. The spoilers from "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63 teases a fierce battle is in store for fans. In the previous chapter, titled "Edge of Defeat," Moro has transformed into his new form after absorbing Seven-Three’s power.

Piccolo notes Moro might have absorbed Seven-Three’s abilities, but it will only last 30 minutes and he will be back to his former strength when the time runs out.

However, Moro explains the power has returned home, so there is no time limit. In the chapter, Moro manages to copy Vegeta’s powers and uses the latter’s Big Bang Attack against him. Piccolo fears if Moro has Vegeta’s abilities that means he can use his Forced Spirit Fission.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63 is scheduled to release on Aug. 20. The chapter will be available online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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