• Goku showcases his Ultra Instinct form against Moro
  • Goku to battle like an earthling
  • "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 64 is scheduled to release Friday

Goku is set to reveal his completely-mastered version of Ultra Instinct in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 64. The battle between Moro and Goku is set to begin as Whis and Beerus observe the fight from a distance.

The latest spoilers from "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 64 are out hinting a deadly fight between Goku and Moro. Twitter user DbsHype shared the spoilers.

The chapter opens with Whis telling Beerus that Goku must show his fully enhanced Ultra Instinct form. Moro attacks Goku and the Super Saiyan can block the punches without even looking at Moro.

Goku tells Moro his body is dodging the punches on its own and that is why his attacks will never hit the target. Moro is confused by Goku's newfound technique.

In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 64, Beerus praises Goku's technique and Whis says that is quite unusual for Beerus to compliment anyone. He goes on to say that Goku is fighting like a god.

Meanwhile, Beerus is getting restless and tells Moro and Goku to finish the battle as he is hungry.

Moro is irritated by Beerus and Whis' presence. Goku asks if Moro regrets killing innocent people. He tells Goku to stop preaching as if he is god. The villain announces that he is the planet eater Moro and he is alive by eating god's creations. He rants about how he is the supreme being.

Goku reminds him that he will not let him mess up his planet. The Super Saiyan kicks Moro and the latter hits a massive rock. Moro gets stuck under the giant rock and Goku asks Jaco if Moro is on the death penalty. The Galactic Patrolman confirms and asks Goku to finish him.

Goku announces he will fight Moro as an earthling. Beerus thinks it might be a bad move from Goku.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 64 is scheduled to release Friday. The digital version of the latest chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz.

Goku from Dragon Ball Super Goku from Dragon Ball Super Photo: Phát Hữu/Flickr/