• Moro combines with Earth and attacks the Z fighters
  • Goku fights back but fails to break the crystal
  • "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 is releasing Friday

Moro fuses his body to Earth exploring his last options to consume the planet. Meanwhile, the fighters notice the geography of the battleground change. The full summary of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 is out, teasing Goku and company finding ways to defeat Moro and save Earth.

Twitter user DbsHype shared the complete summary of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 and credited Peraperayume for translations.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66: "Planet Eater Moro" Summary

The chapter opens with the Dragon fighters finding Earth in a different state. Gohan notes that his body feels unusually heavy. Meanwhile, Vegeta realizes that Goku must have failed to deal with Moro. He orders everyone to stay away from the ground as Moro is sucking away the planet’s energy and anything that is touching the ground.

Moro announces that he owns Earth’s energy and Goku tells him to stop. However, the villain spreads his arms and continues to attack Goku.

Beerus is watching the fight with Whis, Kuririn, and Jaco. Beerus knows that he will have to intervene and beat Moro.

In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66, Whis gets a message from the Grand Priest that he and Beerus must report back. Whis realizes that it might be connected to Merus’ case. Before departing, Whis tips Goku to target Moro’s crystal to beat the formidable enemy.

Goku focuses on the crystal, but for some odd reason, it disappears. Vegeta asks Goku to move aside as the former starts punching the ground and the crystal becomes visible.

Vegeta wants Goku to break the crystal quickly as he cannot separate the sprits too long. Goku takes charge and advances toward Moro. Just when he is about to reach the target, he gets stuck and starts losing his powers.

During "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66, Goku realizes that his God Power isn’t enough to beat Moro. Jaco realizes something about Divine Power and asks Kuririn to leave him alone to figure out a way to assist Goku.

Elsewhere, Piccolo asks Vegeta if he can store everybody’s Ki and direct it at Goku, which he can use to blast the crystal.

In the chapter, they try this method but Goku is still unable to touch the crystal. Dende reveals that his Divine Power is still in its nascent form. Meanwhile, Jaco asks Bulma about Buu’s whereabouts as his powers might come in handy. She tells him Buu is sleeping.

Back at the battlefield, Earth can explode anytime as Moro loses consciousness. With time running out, Goku, Vegeta, and others need to find a solution. Just when things are about to go south, a giant energy ball appears and Goku reveals that it is likely Divine Power.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 is coming out this Friday. Fans can read the chapter online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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