• "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 87 is releasing Saturday
  • The chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz
  • The manga is based on Toyotarou and Akira Toriyama's original work

Goku and Vegeta appear unsatisfied with the way they won the last battle. The draft summary of the opening pages of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 87 is out. The upcoming chapter is, reportedly, titled "The Greatest Warrior in the Universe Revealed."

The chapter opens with Goku and Vegeta reflecting that they are not happy with their last victory. Vegeta states he will work on his technique so he can move beyond Goku.

Meanwhile, Granolah crash lands on the ground and the duo is worried about him. Vegeta asks him if it was due to a risky technique and Granolah confirms.

Granolah reveals he has only three years left after his lifespan decreased drastically. He explains that it is due to a pact he made to become the strongest warrior.

In the meantime, Monaito asks to get a look at Granolah. Monaito looks surprised and Goku asks if it is because of his lifespan. He can heal Granolah completely and Monaito unleashes some aura.

He does the same with Vegeta and Goku and the pair feels good once again. The summary also reveals that Monaito is pierced by a laser.

The draft summary of the upcoming chapter was shared by a Twitter user named DbsHype.

"Having defeated Boo, Goku is starting to get bored with his life on Earth. His wife, Chi-chi, wants him to get a job, but all he wants to do is train and fight stronger enemies. Elsewhere in the universe, the God of Destruction, Beerus, and his attendant Whis are traveling from planet to planet in search of food and entertainment," read the official synopsis of the manga.

"After blowing up some hapless victims, Beerus is reminded of a man from his dreams with the moniker Super Saiyan God, or something like that... The God of Destruction sets his sights on Earth to track down this mysterious man! Maybe this will give Goku something to do?" it continued.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 87 is scheduled to release this Saturday. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus.

The manga is based on the original work by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou.

Goku from Dragon Ball Super
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