Twitter was inundated with drunk tweets on New Year's Eve. Reuters

As everyone knows, New Year's Eve is a time of massive alcohol intake for people around the world, and with intoxicated people typically comes wasted tweets. Wednesday evening was no exception, as a constant stream of drunk social media users took to Twitter to post messages of the quasi-poignant, angry, strange and incoherent variety, providing fodder for those who saw their feeds filled with the missives.

Google released statistics this week proving that New Year's Day appears to be the most hungover day of the year, as it is the day when by far the most searches for "hangover cures" are initiated on the site. So it stands to reason that New Year's Eve is perhaps the drunkest day, and if Twitter is any indication, that assumption may be true.

The range of tweets ran the gamut Wednesday evening, from declarations of anger at the events of 2014 to lamentations over lost love to overly optimistic goals for 2015. But the rapid-fire messages were a unique opportunity to see inside the mind of the populace while soused.

But before the succession of drunken tweets came a slew of tweets expressing anticipation at the series of #drunktweets to come.

Even celebrities are aware of the dangers of drunk tweeting, as Anna Kendrick shared last month with MTV.

“I have done a handful of drunk tweets and so far people haven’t been able to tell the difference,” she told the outlet. “Although, I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing that my sober tweets seem like they could be drunk tweets.”

But many twitterers apparently didn't get the message, as New Year's Eve was chockablock with drunken tweets. Here's a sampling: