Torch tower
A fire blazes at "The Torch", a residential high-rise tower, in Dubai February 21, 2015. Hundreds of people were evacuated from one of the world's tallest residential buildings on Saturday when fire swept through the more than 1,100 foot tall skyscraper "The Torch" in Dubai, residents said. Authorities had no immediate word on the cause of the fire. Reuters/David French

A massive fire broke out in the 79-storey Torch tower in Dubai’s Marina district early Saturday, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of residents, according to media reports. There were no reports of casualties or injuries in the incident.

The fire, which broke out about 2 a.m. local time (5 p.m. EST Friday), was brought under control after the tower blazed for several hours. A dozen fire trucks took nearly 90 minutes to douse the flames, according to media reports.

Two residents of the Torch told The Associated Press that the fire broke out near the 52nd floor, following which the burning debris set a lower part of the building ablaze. Witnesses reportedly said that high winds fanned the fire and it spread rapidly across 15 floors. As of now, it is unclear what caused the fire.

Another residential tower in the area was evacuated as a precautionary measure, authorities reportedly said.

The Marina area is home to dozens of towering apartment and hotels, many of them built over the past decade.

Several social media users posted photos and videos of one of the world's tallest residential towers on fire.