Dukan diet is the new hit for celerity mom like Jennifer Lopex and Gisele Bundchen. This diet is originated in France by nutritionist Dr. Pierre Dukan. Over 1.5 million French women appear to be successful adopting the Dukan Diet's practices.

There are four stages to the Dukan Diet, which incorporate some of the best of the best diet strategies. Phase one, the Attack Stage, is a high-protein, no-carb approach, a stricter version of Atkins and South Beach. There is a list of 72 protein-rich foods to choose from during this week of dieting.

The second phase alternates a high-protein diet with a vegetarian diet on alternate days (also call the Cruising Stage). In addition to the aforementioned 72 protein-rich foods, there is the addition of 28 low-carb vegetables.

Next up is a Consolidation Stage in which carbs are added back into your daily diet in small amounts to avoid weight gain. You are allowed two celebration meals per week and the goal is 1 pound for every 5 days in this stage.

Finally, once you have reached your goal weight, the Stabilization Stage kicks in. This fourth and final phase has a bit of a twist: you can eat what you want every day except one day per week (designated as Thursday) when you revert to the Attack Stage and eat a high-protein, no-carb regimen. Dr. Dukan believes that by taking off the weight this way and remaining true to the Stabilization Stage, that you can remain at your goal weight for life.

A book, based on the diet, is available in French in Europe and has been translated into 10 other languages. An English U.K. version is set to release in May of 2010, and has already hit the #1 spot in the diet, women's health, and men's health categories before even being released. (A quick search of Amazon U.S. does not show an English version available now or in the short term here in the States.)