• Snakin' Bacon is the newest part of Dunkin's menu, offering eight half-strips of caramalized and black pepper coated bacon
  • The bacon used is similar to the bacon in Dunkin's Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
  • Newest meat menu item comes as most chains, including Dunkin, have looked to capitalize on the popularity of alternative meat products

Dunkin announced the latest addition to its menu would be a bag of bacon, available to customers starting Thursday.

The new item is called Snackin’ Bacon and is exactly what it sounds like: a bag with eight half-strips of bacon. Four strips of bacon are caramelized in brown sugar and coated in cracked black pepper before being broken in half.

Dunkin said the bacon will be familiar to any customers who enjoy their Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.

“With its classic flavors featured in everything from toothpaste to vodka, bacon is a phenomenon,” Dunkin said in a blog post. “But, at Dunkin’, we believe the best way to enjoy bacon is simple: Eat it. Straight up, preferably paired with an iced coffee for the optimal experience.”

Dunkin’s newest menu item was met with largely positive feedback on Twitter.

While a bag of bacon may not seem like much at first glance, it’s one of the most notable new meat menu items added to any fast food chain within the last year. Most chains, including Dunkin, have put much of their promotional machine behind meat alternative products from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. One of these included the heavily promoted Impossible Whopper at Burger King, which was an immediate hit for the chain.

Dunkin began offering its alternative in the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich in November. The meatless sausage sandwich was tested in New York City over the summer. Dunkin said it became one of the market’s best-selling menu items.

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