Season 31 of "Dancing With the Stars" has seen Teresa Giudice and Pasha Pashkov (#TeamPashabiliTRE) hang up their blue suede shoes at the end of Week 2's Elvis Night when the judges chose to save Cheryl Ladd and Louis Van Amstel. Now, with teams preparing to do James Bond-themed routines in Week 3, another will have to prepare themselves to say goodbye as well.

The third week of competition is set for the 14 remaining teams, but they will all need to work hard at their routines to provide to the viewers and the judges that they deserve to still be in the competition.

Of course, some stars, like Charli D'Amelio and Mark Ballas, Wayne Brady and Witney Carson and Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovskiy, who all tied for the top spot on the judges' leaderboard this week, seem more likely to make it through week three as well. However, some other pairs seem more destined to say goodbye. Three teams, in particular, seem to have fates that seem less certain when it comes to making it much further.

Jessie James decker alan bersten dwts31
Jessie James Decker and Alan Bersten could be the next team eliminated from Season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars.” ABC/Christopher Willard

Despite improving five points in her score from her Week One cha-cha to her Week Two Foxtrot, with the improvement that nearly every other team also experiences in that time, Jessie James Decker and Alan Bersten (#TeamAlHandsOnDeck) still wound up near the bottom of the judges' leaderboard when it came to their scores. They also have the 3rd lowest average when it comes to how the remaining teams have performed overall throughout the season as well. If they can't break through in a similar way, and the other teams continue to make huge leaps in their progress, Jessie and Alan could be facing an earlier-than-expected exit. However, while she might be faltering behind some of the other teams, Jessie still has a decent fanbase which will likely continue to propel her through a little longer.

Similarly, Joseph Baena and Daniella Karagach (#TeamDaBae) are also at risk, after he only improved one point for his Viennese Waltz, which he danced with Alexis Warr after Daniella tested positive for COVID-19. While he may have been thrown off because his partner was changed less than 24 hours before the competition, Daniella has expressed concern throughout the season that his bulkier body will make it harder for him to achieve proper holds and be lighter on his feet during routines, meaning he may have a harder time each week than the rest of the cast. While he doesn't have the lowest average currently, if other teams keep improving and he can't, it will have a negative impact. Still, he likely will get through the next week, as another team has performed with lower scores and may not have the same following.

Joseph baena and Alexis Warr, DWTS W2
Joseph Baena and Danialla Karagach (Alexis Warr pictured) could be the next team eliminated from Season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars.” ABC/Christopher Willard

That team is Cheryl and Louis (#TeamAngels), who the judges saved after winding up in the Bottom Two-but only after Len's tie-breaking vote determined it. They were almost eliminated because of a series of mistakes they made throughout their tango, which also earned them the lowest scores of the night, with only 21 points out of 40, making them the only team to not get either the same score or improve from Week One. They currently have the lowest average scores of all teams left as well, and if things don't improve in Week 3, it won't be looking well for them. If they wind up in the Bottom Two again, they may need to prepare to say their goodbyes.

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Cheryl ladd louis van amstel dwts31
Cheryl Ladd and Louis Van Amstel could be the next team eliminated from Season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars.” ABC/Christopher Willard