One of the stars of the CW’s “Dynasty” took to Instagram on Wednesday to respond to fan comments asking him to post more content of him singing. Rafael de la Fuente answered their requests by sharing a video of himself singing “O Sole Mio,” a Neapolitan opera song made famous by Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti.

“More singing you said...” de la Fuente captioned his Instagram. “I haven’t sang this since college so I might not remember the Italian 100% and I picked a random comfortable key.”

The one-minute video, which shows him sitting at a table dressed in a plain sweater and backward baseball cap, has already received more than 51,000 likes. He’s also received many positive responses from Italian fans who believed he did the song justice.

On “Dynasty,” de la Fuente plays Sam Jones. The series follows a wealthy billionaire business family in Atlanta constantly working to maintain their public image, make money, and deal with the corruption they are heavily seeded in.

Because the show's lead actor, Elizabeth Gillies, is known for her vocal talent, “Dynasty” frequently releases musical episodes. The latest episode was a film noir-themed musical with Gillies, once again, taking the lead in the musical numbers.

Since its 2017 premiere, de la Fuente has been a regular star of “Dynasty.” Although he did not sing in the Feb. 21 episode, he has performed in other installments. In Season 3, he and Gillies performed a duet of Phil Collins’s version of “You Can’t Hurry Love.”

With "Dynasty" fans backing de la Fuente's talents, it’s safe to say he might get another chance at singing on the show.

Dynasty Sammy Joe
Rafael De La Fuente plays the troublemaking Sammy Joe on the CW’s “Dynasty” reboot. The CW