Who Are The EarFun Air Pro 2 ANC Wireless Earbuds For?

  • The EarFun Air Pro 2 ANC wireless earbuds have some very solid audio quality
  • At over 24 hours of battery life with its charging case, the Air Pro 2 earbuds can last all day
  • The Air Pro 2 earbuds include just about every feature one would expect for a very competitive price
The EarFun Air Pro 2 ANC wireless earbuds are decent enough, but don't do anything to help them stand out

Earbuds will never stop releasing, which means we'll never stop reviewing them. Today's offerings are the EarFun Air Pro 2 ANC wireless earbuds, which is EarFun's big product to compete with Apple's Airpods. How does EarFun's latest product live up to the competition? Let's find out.

All The Standard Hits

The EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds aren't doing anything too different from the competition in terms of looks and features. You can expect all of the standard settings and modes here, including tap controls, active noise cancellation (or ANC for short) features, an ambient audio mode and a case that also serves as a way to charge the earbuds.

The Air Pro 2 earbuds are the standard style, with a stem that points down from the ear towards the jaw. Anyone who has seen a pair of Apple earbuds will instantly know the shape of the Air Pro 2. I am pretty sure I have unusually shaped ears, as many earbuds regularly fall out of my ears. That said, the Air Pro 2 earbuds have stayed put relatively well. The earbuds did fall out a few times, especially when talking, but overall do an OK job of staying put.

The Air Pro 2 earbuds are exactly what you think of when hearing the word "earbud"

The tap controls on the Air Pro 2 earbuds are pretty great. The area where the tap controls are registered on the earbuds is large and easy to hit, and the controls are pretty responsive once an input has been tapped in. The only minor complaint I have here is that volume adjustment is tied to single tapping, while play/pause controls require a double tap. I usually prefer play/pause controls as a single tap, but that's a personal preference.

As far as the "ANC" features go on the Air Pro 2, they work just as well as any other earbud, which is to say they don't work at all. The difference with the Air Pro 2 and other earbuds is that I can tell the Air Pro 2 earbuds are pumping out white noise when ANC is turned on. That means when not listening to audio, the earbuds have a kind of low hum. It's pretty annoying, and I would much rather it just not be included.

The Air Pro 2 earbuds easily jump back into their charging spots

The case for the Air Pro 2 earbuds is fine, if a little larger than most. I do like how the Air Pro 2 earbuds easily get magnetically pulled back into their spots. A surprising number of earbuds are actually kind of difficult to put back into their case, so it's nice that that issue isn't found here. The Air Pro 2 case has about 24 hours worth of battery life, which added to the seven hours the Air Pro 2 earbuds have adds up to a total battery life of around 31 hours. That's pretty solid battery life.

A Few Nice Surprises

While there largely is nothing special about the Air Pro 2 earbuds, there are a few nice additional features. My personal favorite is that the Air Pro 2 case can be charged wirelessly. This makes it easy and convenient to simply plop the case down on my wireless charging pad at the end of the day to ensure I'll have battery life all day the next time I use the earbuds.

The charge case is a bit on the large side, but can be charged wirelessly

Another feature that is somewhat unique to the Air Pro 2 earbuds, but is actually commonly found across all EarFun products, is an infrared sensor that can determine if the Air Pro 2 earbuds are in a person's ears. If an earbud is removed, the sensors will tell the audio to automatically pause. While this is cool in theory, in reality it is easy for the sensors to be tricked. For example, if I pop out an earbud to talk to someone, and am holding onto the removed earbud in my hand, the sensors often think my hand is my ear and will resume playing. Even when taking the earbuds out and putting them on a table, if they're placed with the sensor pointing towards the table, it will resume playback.

Outside of those two features, there really isn't much that helps the Air Pro 2 earbuds stand out from the competition.

Audio And Microphone Quality

The area where the EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds stand out the most is their audio quality. These earbuds aren't going to change up my "Best earbuds" list, but they have very solid audio reproduction that should be fine enough for all but the most discerning ear.

The IR sensors can easily be tricked when holding the Air Pro 2 earbuds

The audio mix for the EarFun Air Pro 2 is fairly balanced. What's interesting is that bass is pretty pronounced with the Air Pro 2, but isn't to the point where it has much of an impact. Like, I can hear the bass clearly and it isn't being drowned out, but it isn't present enough to cause any head rattling. Mids and highs both come through clearly, though, and help round out the listening experience.

The microphone, on the other hand, isn't as solid. While I still was able to hold a conversation without too much hassle, I was told that I sound a bit echo-y. Compared to many other earbuds I have tried out in the past, the Air Pro 2 is still decent enough. There aren't any odd sounds that shouldn't be heard, and the level of background noise that can be heard through the microphones isn't overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

The EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds make their inspiration known very early. It's obvious that this is EarFun's attempt at making a product that is nearly identical to Apple's Airpods. It's a smart play, and it largely works well. The Air Pro 2 earbuds offer all the features one would want in wireless earbuds, along with some pretty great audio.

The Air Pro 2 earbuds are also available at a very competitive price. Considering basic Apple Airpods are over $100, and Airpod Pro earbuds are almost double that, the EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds are practically a steal at $80. Anyone looking to get solid audio and reliable battery life for under $100 should start with the Air Pro 2 earbuds first.