Earth Day has arrived, making it the perfect day to give your home and appliances a sustainable update. Whether it’s switching out light bulbs or finding new ways to cut down on water usage, making sustainable, “green” lifestyle updates can do a lot for the planet.

Here are 10 quick and simple tips from TaskRabbit “master handyman” Tasker Denis and from "Good Housekeeping" to get your projects underway on this environmental holiday.

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TaskRabbit Home Tips From Tasker Denis

-Cut down on the energy bill by installing thick curtains that will keep heat inside during cold, winter months and keep rooms cool and shaded from heat during the warm, sunny months.

-Use less light bulbs and save on energy by switching out all light bulbs with LED or CFLs.

-Denis recommends swapping out your regular showerhead for a water-saving one.

-Add some greenery to your home and plant some herbs on your windowsill – even hang some planters -- for a fresher atmosphere.

Good Housekeeping

-When it comes to your cleaning products, opt for ultra or concentrated products that use 50 to 60 percent less packaging than other cleaning formulas.

-By getting your tire pressure checked once a month and filling your tires up accordingly, you could improve your mileage by roughly three percent.

-Ditch the leaf-blower and rake – or opt for an electric blower instead. Gas-powered blowers can apparently emit the same amount of carbon monoxide in one hour as driving a car 224 miles.

-Don’t use more laundry detergent or fabric softener than you have to. More will not make your clothes any cleaner. Use as much detergent as directed. Opt for organic brands, also.

-Check for faucet and toilet leaks to ensure you’re not slowing wasting water. You can check toilets by adding food coloring to the water– this will make it easier to spot a leak.