• Having bed bugs can be very uncomfortable
  • These creatures bite and wreak havoc on health
  • One of the ways you'll spot them is through the distinct smell

Bed bugs are tiny insects that usually thrive in hidden areas like behind pictures, the hem of mattresses, clothing, bed frames, and beneath loose wallpaper. While the insects may not cause serious health issues, their bites are very itchy and may cause a great deal of discomfort. These tiny insects hide well, though several signs may indicate you have a bed bug infestation.

A Coriander Smell

A distinctly lemony or lime-like scent that could turn soapy similar to that of coriander is an indication such infestation exists. Arrow Exterminating, a pest control company, said that when coriander seeds become ripe, they release a sweetish and musty scent, which is also the smell emitted when there is an infestation.

bed bugs bite symptoms
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As the company explained on its website, it is believed that this smell may have originated from bed bug droppings. Oftentimes, when there is a bigger bed bug population, such odors may be often detected.

The pest control company also added that in some cases, a minty smell might be detected, particularly if a really heavy infestation has been happening for a long time.

Other Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

The National Health Service reveals that other signs of bed bug infestation include tiny brown spots on your furniture or bedding. This may indicate bed bug feces. The health body also said that suffering from bites on exposed areas like arms, face, and neck may also be a sign of bed bug infestation. The unexplained blood spots on your bedding may have been caused by a bed bug bite or instinctively squashing a bedbug. Bed bug bites can be identified by several distinctive signs. Oftentimes, these bites appear red and feel very itchy. They may also appear in a cluster or line.

Treating Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites may oftentimes clear up within several days or a week. If such bites, however, give you so much discomfort, there are several options available for you to alleviate its symptoms. The NHS said you could put a damp, clean cloth over the affected area to minimize itching and swelling. It also helps a lot if you keep the affected area clean.

Avoid scratching the bites to prevent developing an infection. You can also ask help from a pharmacist to give you a mild steroid cream, such as hydrocortisone, to ease the symptoms brought about by bed bug bites. The NHS, however, recommends you should first seek advice from your doctor if you will be applying such cream to kids under 10, and if you are pregnant. If such bed bug bites become very itchy and cause sleep deprivation, you may want to take antihistamines.

Addressing the root of the problem, however, should be a priority. After you are done treating your symptoms, you must deal with the underlying bed bug infestation.