Check out 7 horror movies to watch this Easter. Creative Commons

Forget about the popcorn on April 20. Grab the chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, and colorful eggs -- because this Easter we’ve compiled a list of themed horror movies that are bound to leave your cotton tail shivering.

“Critters 2: The Main Course” (1998) Critters may sound cute, but these other-worldly beasts are far from it. Just imagine a hoard of these little monsters attacking a town after their eggs get mistaken for Easter eggs. And it gets worse … when a man dressed up as the Easter Bunny gets devoured.

“Resurrection” (1999)

A mad man is on the loose in Chicago as Easter approaches. The killer is murdering men and using their body parts to reconstruct the body of Christ – and it’s up to Detective John Prudhomme to stop him.

“Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!” (2006)

A murderer wearing a rabbit mask exacts revenge against the abusers of a handicapped child.

“Kottentail” (2007)

A farmer begins to transform into a murderous bunny after getting but by a genetically mutated rabbit. WARNING: NSFW TRAILER VIDEO.

“Atrocious” (2010)

What better time to investigate a spooky urban legend than around Easter? “Atrocious,” a Spanish horror film, is about a brother and sister who spend their Easter Holiday investigating the story of Melinda, a ghost who supposedly haunts the words by their summer home. Unfortunately they don’t have a happy ending.

“The Night Before Easter” (2014)

“The Night Before Easter” is brand spankin’ new. The movie is about a group of friends who are stalked the night before Easter “in a storage warehouse by an axe-wielding lunatic in a bunny costume.”

“Easter Sunday” (2014)

“Easter Sunday” is not out yet, but viewers can get a first look at the first 6 minutes of the movie when Bloody Disgusting releases it on April 18. The film is about “The Bunny Man,” an axe wielding serial killer who wears a bunny mask when “eggsecuting” people.