Valentine’s Day is Friday, Feb. 14, and nothing's more romantic than snuggling up next to your significant other and watching a horror movie. Break out the popcorn, and get ready to shield your loved one from some frightening scenes with these 6 scary Valentine’s Day themed movies -- just watch out for cupid’s arrow.

“Valentine” (AKA “Valentine’s Day”) (2001)

Starring Denise Richards, Katherine Heigl and David Boreanaz, “Valentine” is about five women who are “stalked by an unknown assailant while preparing for Valentine’s Day.”

“My Bloody Valentine 3D” (2009)

CW stars Jensen Ackles (“Supernatural") and Jaime King (“Hart of Dixie”) star in this 2009 remake of “My Bloody Valentine.” The horror flick follows Tom (Jensen Ackles) who returns to his hometown on the 10th anniversary of the Valentine’s night massacre that left 22 people dead. Tom finds himself a suspect, and his ex-girlfriend is the only one who believes he's innocent.

“My Bloody Valentine” (1981)

“Cross your heart … and hope to die” is the tag line for this 1980s horror movie about an old town folk tale and a man who murders Valentine’s Day celebrants. When people start celebrating the holiday, they find that the legend is actually true.

“The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” (1967)

This crime film can’t really be considered a horror flick, but we’re adding it because of the “massacre” part. The movie is about crime boss Al Capone and his men who gunned down their gang rivals in Chicago on Feb. 14, 1929.

“Lovers Lane” (2000)

A young Anna Faris appears in this horror flick about a killer with a steel hook who murders a couple on Valentine’s Day at Lovers Lane. The killer is caught but escapes 13 years later to go after his victims' children.

“Hospital Massacre” (AKA “X-Ray”) (1982)

Barbi Benton, a former Playboy playmate and Hugh Hefner’s old flame, stars in this 1980s horror movie. Valentine’s Day goes horribly wrong for a young girl named Susan (Barbi Benton) when she rejects a classmate named Harold for David. Harold seeks revenge by breaking into Susan’s house and breaking David’s neck. Years later, Susan has moved on, but Harold can’t get over the one that got away and stalks her 19 years later.

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