Ed Sheeran is replacing Justin Bieber at Birmingham’s coming Fusion Festival, after the singer canceled his appearance for the charity concert in England.

Festival organizers announced Bieber’s replacement Thursday, with Sheeran taking to Twitter to tell his fans the good news, E!News reported. The British singer wrote, "I know I said Wembley was my last U.K. show of this tour, but my mate had a cancellation on his festival, so I'm filling in last minute."

The “What Do You Mean” singer even responded to Sheeran’s tweet and thanked his “buddy” for taking his place. Bieber replied, "I owe u one. UK there is no one better to step up. I will see u all soon. Until then enjoy Ed. No one better :)"

Bieber fans were disappointed and a few even cried when the Canadian singer announced Wednesday that he would not be performing at the 2015 Fusion Festival, the  Mirror stated. Bieber cited “an unforeseen issue” for the cancellation and apologized to his fans via Twitter. He wrote, "UK beliebers I'm going to make this up to you soon."

While some of his fans were understanding about the news, a few who had already bought tickets for the performance were not happy with Bieber’s cancellation. A mother even shared a short clip of her daughter’s teary reaction in Twitter.  In the video, the 6-year-old burst into tears when her mother told her Bieber was not coming to the U.K. She captioned the video:  "@justinbieber Grace is 6 year old who has just found out your not going fusion. Her reaction the past 30mins."

Meanwhile, Mike Owen, event organizer for the Fusion Festival, told BBC that Sheeran agreeing to step in gratified him. "I've been in this business a long time and it nearly brought me to tears. It was just a moment of sheer excitement. The most-streamed artist in the world last year and he's going to come and do Fusion in Birmingham,” said Owen.

Owen also shared that there were some tense moments after the Canadian singer pulled out, but fortunately only a few fans asked for their money back. "There was a lot of concerns, a lot of phone calls but Ed Sheeran himself kind of came forward out of a little group of conversations with people and said, 'I'll do it.' It was absolutely breathtaking for us. It was just astonishing. What a wonderful man."

The 2015 Fusion Festival is a charity concert that will benefit Prince Charles’ charity trust. The festival will be held in Birmingham from Aug. 28 to 30. Sheeran is set to perform during the Friday event, while Rudimental and McBusted will headline the Saturday and Sunday shows.