• “Elden Ring” is in development and is set to release on Xbox and PlayStation.
  • FromSoftware has no new announcement about “Elden Ring”
  • A recent interview with Xbox Chief Phil Spencer spilled some details about the game
  • “Elden Ring” is already playable

“Elden Ring” is already playable, according to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, but the lack of update from the game developer inspired some fans to make up the game’s bosses.

The latest information about FromSoftware’s highly anticipated game, “Elden Ring” came from a recent interview with Spencer, conducted by Gamespot. Although the head honcho did not offer any visuals, it confirmed that the game is well underway. In the interview, Spencer mentioned that he had played the game “quite a bit.”

The Xbox and Microsoft executive also said that as someone who has played all Miyazaki’s game, “Elden Ring” is the most ambitious game that director Hidetaka Miyazaki has done. It’s unfortunate Spencer couldn't spill more details about the game, but his statement is already a big one, especially for some fans who have been concerned about the game’s development and its lack of updates.

The Xbox executive could be hyping things up, but “Elden Ring” is not an Xbox Series X or Xbox One exclusive and was announced to release on Xbox, and PlayStation earlier, so there's really nothing much to gain if Spencer is just overselling it. Spencer is a gamer and is always transparent with consumers. His recent statement about “Elden Ring” is an expression of his admiration for the creator of games he enjoys.

Meanwhile, on the “Elden Ring” subreddit, several fans have shared their own version of the soon-to-release game. Other fans are posting screenshots of these games and even gameplay videos, with several commenting that these are like the official “Elden Ring” game. There are lots of this kind of thing happening in the Fake Lore tag on the subreddit, and these posts make for fun browsing at a time when official information about the game is scarce.

Just got to the Great Feet Plains. How tf do i beat this guy? Fungus is even worse than toxic... from r/Eldenring

In October, FromSoftware confirmed on Twitter that “Elden Ring” is in the works, but that’s all there is. In a statement read by the hosts of the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival, Miyazaki said the upcoming game would be the deepest FromSoftware has ever done when it comes to mythos and history.